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The Integrators specialises in tools and products that make YOUR business function more effectively, increasing profits by improving efficiency and by finding and keeping more customers.  Our product portfolio comprises several main areas, namely: 
Free Trial licences are available HERE for all of our products, including many Zoho modules not listed above.

Workflow Automation, Alerting and Integration

The Integrators is the Australian and New Zealand Distributor for TaskCentre® from UK-based Orbis Software.   This award-winning product is a market leader in mid-market Workflow, Alerts and Business Process Automation.

TaskCentre® offers a unique state-of-the-art Business Process Management (BPM) Suite; enabling organisations to cost effectively build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes. TaskCentre® brings people, systems and information together within an organisation through the acquisition, manipulation, dissemination and integration of information; offering a generic approach to automated processes specifically designed to meet precise business requirements.  Learn more...

Customer Relationship Management

We are proud members of the Zoho Alliance, and strongly recommend Zoho CRM. 

This web-based system is easy to use, and very powerful.  It offers all of the tools you would expect to see in competing systems, and in fact often more.  It is also very attractively priced compared to other products being available on a month-by-month basis or an annual contract.
  If you were considering Salesforce, you REALLY need to see Zoho instead and save a heap of money every month!

Find out more about Zoho CRM and get free use of the basic system for up to three users by clicking here...

Project Management Software

Zoho Projects is a powerful, yet easy-to-use system that allows you to set up Projects, Tasks and Milestones,
and to manage projects successfully.  It features time recording and billing capabilities, integrated with Zoho Invoice.

Find out more about Zoho Projects and get access to a free trial by clicking here...

Rapid Application Development Platform

Zoho Creator makes designing and building new business applications easy!

Imagine being able to design a database, screens, views, reports and automation facilities just by dragging and dropping on a graphical user interface.  The resulting applications can then be shared with other people in your company, or even with outside partners no matter where in the world they are located.

Find out more about Zoho Creator and get access to a free trial by clicking here...

Email Marketing Campaign Management

Zoho Campaigns is an online email marketing service that helps sending bulk emails and newsletters.  Campaign management allows you to manage your entire marketing process by which marketing campaigns are planned, produced, distributed and analyzed. This includes planning the campaign, preparing your mailing list, executing the campaign, measuring the campaign effectiveness, and analyzing the results.

Being part of the business, Campaign Management should be in sync with the other business activities of an organization. It is always an advantage to maintain one platform where you can track marketing, sales and support activities. In Zoho CRM, campaign management helps you to plan, execute and monitor campaigns in an organized way.

Find out more about Zoho Campaigns and get access to a free trial by clicking here.

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