Automate your business processes


Solutions built on TaskCentre® Workflow, Alerting and Integration software

Please find below a selection of TaskCentre BPM integration solutions that have enhanced some of the world's most popular information services and mainstream applications:

Mozenda Integration

Integrate Mozenda with your eCommerce, ERP, CRM or vertical solution and ensure your product or service is positioned competitively.



Integrate MailChimp with your accounting, CRM and eCommerce solutions and eradicate repetitive administration from the workload of your sales and marketing team.



Integrate easywebstore with your financial application or delivery service provider to reduce operational costs and improve company performance.



By integrating dotMailer with your financial, CRM or eCommerce solutions you can remove the repetitive administration from your email marketing activities.



Integrate SurveyGizmo with your business application and automate survey distribution, retrieval and reporting.



Integrate Volusion with your business software and eliminate the common costs associated with re-keying data.


Microsoft Exchange

Integrate Microsoft Exchange with any business application (ERP, CRM, MRP or specialist) and automate the flow of data between MS Outlook and your business applications.



By automating your credit referencing process your company will significantly reduce the probability of acquiring bad debt. Also, employees won't waste time conducting repetitive, error prone activities. It's one of life's rare 'win-win' situations.



Automating the flow of data between Magento, your business accounting solution and your preferred courier service will eradicate pointless rekeying of data, costly administration and order processing errors.



Streamline your shipping processes by integrating your business software with FedEx via TaskCentre's powerful drag and drop BPM tools.


SAP Business One

TaskCentre presents companies running SAP Business One with a world of opportunity to streamline business processes. TaskCentre is SAP Certified and used extensively by SAP Business One users for Integration, business process automation and out of system workflow.



By utilising TaskCentre's EDI Integration BPM Tools organisations can significantly reduce the cost of EDI Integration projects. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with TaskCentre's standard BPM Tools EDI documents can be dynamically produced from practically any data source and transmitted automatically.



Integrate Shopify with your financial and/or CRM solution to eradicate the costly process of rekeying data and processing orders with your preferred courier service.



Integrate DHL web services with your business solution and eradicate data entry errors, decrease order fulfilment times and increase employee productivity.



Integrate Sage SalesLogix with your accounting solution and/or other business applications and automate repetitive, employee business processes. As a long standing Sage Development partner we have the expertise, experience and track record to address your needs.



Integrate X-CART with your accounting system and courier service and remove the time consuming and costly activity of rekeying sales orders, product data or delivery information to and from your multiple information systems.


Interlink Express

Integrate Interlink Express with your accounting system to radically decrease your order fulfilment times and completely eradicate the repetitive rekeying of information.


Sage ERP 1000

Integrate Sage ERP 1000 with other applications or web services provided by couriers, credit referencing agencies or government bodies.


Sage CRM

Integrating SageCRM with a data provider, address validation web service, business accounting application or e-Commerce solution are just a few of the common examples that our customers use TaskCentre for.

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