Automate your business processes

Zoho Creator

Rapid Application Development Platform

Zoho Creator gives you a simple-to-use graphical drag-and-drop
design platform to build really useful business applications for your organisation.  You don't need to be a developer or programmer to do it either!  Why pay $000's to developers when you can do it yourself!

With Zoho Creator you can create applications, then share them with co-workers and partners around the country and around the world.  Applications consist of:
  • Data in a database, whose structure is automatically built when you design the forms
  • Screen forms that you build by dragging and dropping elements onto the design workspace
  • Views of the records, created automatically when you design the input screens
  • Reports that you design, including listings, charts and more
  • Workflow automation scripts to do thingsthat would otherwise have to be done manually (or might get forgotten about!)
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