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Zoho Support

Customer Support Management

Zoho Support is a complete and customisable system for managing a customer help desk, including:
    • Ticket Management
    • Customer Service Portal
    • Contracts and Service Level Agreements
    • Alerts and Notifications
    • Workflow
    • Knowledgebase
    • Social Media Support
    • Reports and Dashboards

    Below you can find a short video on Zoho Support, followed by a form to access a free trial, and finally by some more detail on the various modules in the system.  If you would like just to dive in and use Zoho Support for free, either as a trial or for live use for one free user, please click here...

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    Ticket Management

     Zoho Support acts as your single point of contact for all your incoming requests. You can organize, prioritize and respond to your support requests on the fly. Provide the ‘Wow’ experience to your customers by maintaining the most responsive helpdesk in your organization.
    Learn More about Ticket Management

    Social Media Support

     Ensure your customers with an effective customer support via the channel they are most comfortable with. With social media integration you can now support your customers over Facebook & Twitter by staying within Zoho Support.
    Learn More about Social Media Support

    Accounts and Contacts

     Do you have scores of contacts and support multiple accounts? Have them all in Zoho Support. You can raise requests for your contacts and accounts from anywhere and at any time. You can also customize the fields in contacts and accounts to capture as much information you may need.
    Learn More about Accounts and Contacts

    Contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

     Managing customer contracts and providing on-time support are critical to win customers. Zoho Support handles these hassles free. Setup your customer contracts and SLAs, so that your customers receive support as agreed. You can define your business hours, holidays and support plans to set a request its due date. It doesn’t stop here. Zoho Support auto escalates a request when it falls overdue.
    Learn More about Contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


     Help your customers before they get your help. Provide them with a powerful knowledgebase of articles ordered as topics. Found a solution for a request; add them to your knowledgebase in a click. You can also create topics for your agents’ eyes only. Solutions are fast to search and can contain attachments and images.
    Learn More about Knowledge Base

    Alerts and Notifications

     Do you want to alert agents when tasks are assigned to them? Notify them of a customer appointment tomorrow? Acknowledge your customers when they submit request? Everything is possible in Zoho Support. E-mail, text message/SMS or simply a browser pop-up is what all it takes.
    Learn More about Alerts and Notifications

    Reports and Dashboards

     Reports are vital to measure the health of your helpdesk and take informed decisions. In Zoho Support, you can monitor ticket activity, agent performance, SLA compliance, request response time, and more. You can also display summary information and vital statistics for quick view under dashboard.
    Learn More about Reports and Dashboards

    Product Catalog

     Searching for product details while having your customer on hold is cumbersome. But not anymore. Tracking and managing your product catalog is simple and easier in Zoho Support. You can store details such as product name, category, price, warranty period etc., to be associated with a request.
    Learn More about Product Catalog

    Customer Support Portal

     Provide a dynamic online community for your customers. They can log requests, track updates, find answers, start discussions and more in one single place. You can also unleash your brand’s look and feel using real-time styling, drag-n-drop rearranging etc., for that seamless experience.
    Learn More about Customer Support Portal


     Increase your agents’ productivity manifold. Use workflows to automate processes like assignment of requests, sending notifications and modifying field values based on wide range of criterions.
    Learn More about Workflow


     Do you receive sensitive information from your customers? Want to secure them from prying eyes? Take charge now by defining profiles, roles and groups. Setup data-sharing rights and field-level security in Zoho Support. Ensure your proprietary information is protected.
    Learn More about Security


     Customize your helpdesk according to your business needs. Add custom fields, re-name or hide unwanted tabs, set fields to be searched, add a new section and more. You can also personalize the e-mail templates sent to your customers.
    Learn More about Customization


     Customize your helpdesk to talk your brand. Upload your company logo, choose your support URL and configure your support e-mail address. Also setup remote authentication to provide a single login experience to your users.
    Learn More about Branding

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